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DCMS Network provides competitive As Built services for Architects, Designers, Building owners and Retailers across North America.


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Demographics Analytics

Understanding the demographic makeup of shoppers at stores across a chain or at particular locations assists in determining the success of campaigns designed to engage target segments. This means that marketing messages can be tailored to a specific target audience, which increases engagement because of the relevancy of the message.

Consumer Buying Patterns

Consumer buying patterns can enable store managers to optimize store layout for better product placement. In addition, this data can be used to evaluate or enhance the effectiveness of sale or advertising displays and leverage better buying strategies.

Crowd Sourcing

Crowd sourcing analytics provides an overview of the number of visitors to a store at any given time or during a statistically measured period of time. From this data, a retailer is able to extract and understand information about how many people entered the store and how many left without buying. When combined with sales data, retailers can then calculate the store conversion rate.

3D Modelling

DCMS has the capabilities of flying you through your current operations and providing a thorough analysis of architectural, category, merchandising and marketing details so precise you will think you are walking the space.

What is Retail Analytics?

Retail analytics allows retailers to journey through the customer experience, in real time, for better connections and deeper insights into retail operations. Having information at the tip of your fingers allows you to make decisions that impact the bottom line growth and strive for further sales opportunities that might not currently exist.

The unveiling of DCMS’s technology will broaden retailer’s perspective and allow them to focus on redesigning processes that allow for greater efficiency in execution and tailoring a sales strategy to key customer demographics.